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Zillions Of Thanks To All Who Recommended Me

Posted on 12/10/2009 01:15:00 AM by Abhijeet Bhagat

Zillions of thanks to all who have recommended me  

Recommendations Written for me.


QA Manager

“It’s my pleasure working with Abhijeet; he is one of best manager I ever seen in my career. He encourages individuals as well as team from all professional aspects. He is very effective and always has full support of his team. Abhijeet has through understanding of automation as well as manual testing, engineering processes and methodologies coupled with his effective communications skills. He is very good as a person and I always wish to work with him.” November 18, 2009
Kamlesh Jaware, Senior Software Engineer, Persistent Systems

reported to Abhijeet at Persistent Systems Ltd.

“Abhijeet is a great leader and honest person. His knowledge in software industry is mind blowing and he’s pro in automation testing (be it any tool or language). He leads by example. He encourages for individual development from all professional aspects. He taught me many skills and tactics in software testing. He is very helpful as well as critical whenever appropriate; this helped me a lot while executing project together and delivering quality products on time. He is a very good person and great motivator.” November 17, 2009
Avinash Kalambe, Module Lead, Persistent Systems

reported to Abhijeet at Persistent Systems Ltd.

“Abhijeet possesses strong UI/QA Automation skills and .NET skills. He has good working experience and he is working in one of the Best Project (iDeal) at Persistent. He is hard working and quite famous in his Team. People love to get advice from him. All the best Abhijeet.” August 23, 2009
Nasir Khan, Sr. Team Lead, Persistent System, Pune

worked with Abhijeet at Persistent Systems Ltd.

“I know Abhijit since three years or more. He is very good at leading a team and handling team members. He has in-depth knowledge in testing and possesses great testing skills. Product quality has been of paramount importance for him. I have seen him always persuing knowledge about all technologies that are directly/indirectly related to his skills and he always looks at improving himself. I found Abhijit very hard working and follower of quality goals and processes of the company. I wish Abhijit all the best in his future endeavours.” August 11, 2009
Mahesh Deshpande, Module Lead, Persistent Systems Ltd.

worked directly with Abhijeet at Persistent Systems Ltd.

 “Like all the fellow employees at Persistent Abhijeet took keep interest in his work and continuous learning. He has been a great indivisual to be a friend. I felt I could safely depend on his capacities and cooperation.” August 10, 2009
Kaustubh Bhadbhade, Manager - Human Resources, Persistent Systems Ltd

worked with Abhijeet at Persistent Systems Ltd.

 “Abhijeet leads the team by setting up right examples. He does the things by his virtue and believes in creating leaders instead of creating team members.” August 9, 2009
Girish Hasabnis, Information Developer, Persistent Systems Ltd.

worked directly with Abhijeet at Persistent Systems Ltd.

 “Abhijeet is a hard working diligent individual who added great value to our project while he lead our QA Automation effort for IPREO. Abhijeet is a dedicated resource with only one goal in mind to provide the best service and quality of testing for our products.” July 20, 2009
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
David Sener

hired Abhijeet as a IT Consultant in 2005

“I consider Abhijeet to be a highly successful person, who is competent in nature. He is very driven and has a very analytical mind which makes him excellent at understanding the problem before finding a fast, effective resolution. Abhijeet was extremely professional and responsive, and dealt with issues in a structured and controlled manner. I would very happily recommend Abhijeet, who demonstrates high personal standards, and inspires the confidence of his clients. He is a fantastically motivated person that always has a positive outlook and intelligently approaches and solves problems. Working with him was an extremely enjoyable and enlightening experience. I can safely recommend Abhijeet to anyone in the business/Software community.” June 22, 2009
Mahesh Vanamala, Software Engineer QE, Persistent Systems Limited

reported to Abhijeet at Persistent Systems Ltd.

“Abhijit is an excellant Automation Lead/Tester. He has goood anlaytical skills, communication skills and is very enthusiastic and emotional about his work. He is a an excellant asset to have if you want to manage automation testing for your project” June 2, 2008
Vikram Puranik, Senior Project Manager, Persistent Systems Ltd

managed Abhijeet at Persistent Systems Ltd.

 “Abhijeet is a very hard worker, who is able to grasp difficult concepts quickly. He has excellent management skills and comminucates well with his team and other managers. Consistently met his deliverables and ensured his efforts were in line with the company's objectives. Lastly I want to say "he is technically vertical in software test automation development".” April 18, 2008
Vijay Motagi, PSL Pune India, Persistent System Limited

reported to Abhijeet at Persistent Systems Ltd.

“Abhijeet is one of the most harworking person I worked with. He has amzing brains to find solutions to the complex problems with the easiet and simplest ways possible.” September 19, 2008
Joseph Cutler, Software Engineer, Geometric Software Solutions Co. Ltd.

worked with Abhijeet at Geometric Software

 “Abhijeet is a very innovative person. He's a man of ideas and envisioned a very handy tool to enhance productivity of the test team. His understanding of the end-User's requirements and the test team's requirements was crystal clear. Abhijeet has carried enormous goodwill from the QA team, as he gelled well with the Development team to get the solution implemented. It was a pleasure working with Abhijeet.” April 21, 2008
Sudipto Paul, QA Lead, Geometric

managed Abhijeet indirectly at Geometric Software

“Worked for a small duration with Abhijeet, but in that span of time he reflected many colours of his inteligence and dedication towards work. A very focused person to say, where his consistancy and hardwork, always sights him apart from other.” May 6, 2008
Amol Chaphekar, Sr. Executive - Global Business Development, Expert NetCAD Solutions

worked directly with Abhijeet at Expert NetCAD Solutions

“Working with Abhijeet was a great experience technically as well as personally. His sound technical knowledge helped many of our projects to acheive 100% ecpected metrics. Appreciate his approach towards the work especially doing etiology and finding root cause of the of every problem.” June 14, 2008
Amol Peshwe, Consultant, Tech Mahindra Ameraicas Inc

worked directly with Abhijeet at Veritek Solutions

 Additional Information

Net Surf Learning New Test Tools
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    Honors and Awards
    1. Spot Award in Persistent Systems for Utilizing Automation tool for Load testing. 2. Recognition in Geometric solutions for building a Tool to create flow in TestDirector TM 8.0 3. Percentile score of 100% in Subjective QE Automation Assessment exam in Persistent Systems

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